Friday, 16 June 2017

Must Read: Clash Of First Love Really Hurts.. Episode 1

The tale of two friends, Mike and Mortex who were bound by their promise to each other, but later separated by an unfortunate tragedy with guilt and hatred. They will bridged together by love embodied by the same lady of interest Jenny, who was Mike's greatest love.
One certain day there was a heavy rain which leads to demolishing of things, that very day this two friends were on their way to somewhere when the rain started, when its rainy they ran under a tree for shelter. They waited for the rain to stop by it gets worst, they continued waiting before they now decide to go with the rain because its already late.
On their way going there was a great earthquake which happened when they were on the bridge, when it happened Mike escaped it while it swallowed Mortex inside the water but thank God he is not dead. Few days later after the earthquake, Mike returns to the river side searching for his friend  but couldn't find him. But before then Mortex found his self in the river of which he didn't know how and what to do, he shouted for help but no one came to rescue him. He struggled to swim till he now get his self on a dried land but was confused on how to locate his place.
Nearby the road there was a lorry loaded with fruits, Mortex entered the lorry and fell asleep. The owner of the lordy came and kicked to continue with their journey not knowing that someone is in back.  When the lordy stopped he now came down and ran away. In the new town where he arrived, he knows no one and don't know on how to do for living, he started begging on the street till he raised little amount of  money to start turning up with the small hawking he started for his self. No parents to look after me anymore no brother also, its time to face the challenges of life.
On the street where he hawks, one day he was resting near a motor car when a young man opened the car with a master key, with the movement of the young man, he suggested this is not the owner of this car, he followed the man. When he noticed that the man is a thief, he chased him till he got the briefase which the man stole, he brought it back to the owner. What's a good boy.
The owner of the briefcase thanked him again and again and started asking him questions like about his background, he told the man everything about his life and also how he found his self in that town. The man was a billionaire and have owns many companies, he said to Mortex, with all this your story you will live with me.
The man trained Mortex in the secondary level and also in the University as well
Five years later Mortex graduated from the higher institution, he studied architecture of which the man who trained him also studied the same course.

Check next for the next episode
To be continued.....

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