Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Must Read: Clash Of First Love Really Hurts..... Episode 2

Mike has no one to sponsor him in the school, he struggled to train his self. On a street where he do pass by, he saw this pretty young lady called Jenny. He always starrs at her whenever he passes by till the day Jenny noticed that, she waited for him the next day because she knows that he do pass here all the time.
The next day Mike passed and continued with his normal attitude of starring at her, Jenny now came close to him and ask, what's wrong, you always pass here starring at me, do you know me before, Jenny asked all this,
Mike: hmmmm....... NO I don't, just that that .... Mike don't know what else to say, he left. While she is coming back from club, Mike followed her back to back but Jenny did not noticed till she reached her house still not knowing that mike is following her to know where she resides. Two days later mike now started patrolling at Jenny's area just to talk to her and win her heart. The very day mike got the chance to talk to her, she avoided him, that day she was on her way for shopping, mike trecked with her telling her so many stories on how she love her but with all this stories Jenny is still not interested in him.
After the shopping, mike helped her to carry the loads from shopping place to Jenny's house but still Jenny no love in him that moment. From that day on, mike always visit her at home helping her to do some home duties. One certain day Jenny's father noticed what's going on, he saw mike as a good and love caring person, the way he care for her shows that truly mike really love his daughter.
Mike left Jenny's house immediately because its already 6PM, when he left their house Jenny's father called his daughter to talk to her about this young guy called Mike, Jenny's father suggests to Jenny that with his own opinion he will advice her to love him back because the way he does really shows he was a good person. When its late around 9:30PM, Jenny went to her bed trying to make her self to sleep but she couldn't, what her father told her about mike and how mike do cares for her keep flashing back to her memory.
The next day mike visits Jenny, unfortunately to him while talking with Jenny he reminds her of what he told her past few days because since then till that day, Jenny never give him a good reply about that, its about being in relationship.
Jenny accepted the request by just saying OK and Yes.
Wow! Mike shouted, that's great, am so happy to hear this from you, thank you so much, I like it. You are all I have now, now that I found the person to spend my life with. Mike forget that not all glittered are gold, no one knows tomorrow. Oh! That's great, I feel like am top of the world right now, let's rock the love together.

To be continued.....

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