Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Must Read: Clash Of First Love Really Hurts..... Episode 3

It really started after few days, all is now going well because she has already says yes, so no going back but moving forward. We went to many places to enjoy ourselves because all is now moving as I wished, we talked about how how it started and how we are going to make things to come true, love keeps us together.
Having her as my first lady is all about caring, I have to take care of her but is all about dough and that's the problem mike is facing. Its all about my future, how am going to make it in life. I have the passion of drawing buildings, one day mike was alone in a lonely place drawing a building while a young lady whose name is Prisca met him. She was the only child of her parent but her mother is late. Her father is a nice man who owns a company, Mike and Prisca became friend but not lovers, she also likes drawing building.
One day she invites Like to her place, when mike came she introduced him to her father. They all discussed and have funs together but things about Jenny do flash back to Mike, later while Prisca's father left both of them, after their discussion mike also left.
The next time Prisca visit mike they have a discussion of which mike told her everything about his self but never include that he have a lover. Prisca feels for him, she told him that she gonna beg his father to sponsor both of them to travel abroad to study, that was a great news, Mike said. Mike thanked her so much and when she left, he went to Jenny's house to share the good news with her. Prisca talked to her father about that and her father agreed with her, he never fails her whenever she requests for anything, only child you know what it means.
 When he reached to Jenny's House he shared the good news with her, jenny was happy but feels somehow because she knows that when mike leaves the country she will miss her so much, but despite that Jenny congratulates him for the good news, now mike knows that in few days to come he will be leaving the country for another country.
In one month time, visa is ready for both of them, the next two days they now traveled to Japan but mike do call Jenny on phone and via Skype to know how she is doing .
Prisca's plan was for Mike to get married to her after everything but mike has his own mission to get back to Jenny. When Prisca noticed that mike already have a girlfriend she now start planning on what to do for mike to forget about her and also jenny to forget about mike. Prisca stole mike's cell phone but never knew the phone was stolen by Prisca, Prisca texted jenny with Mike's phone telling her to for about their relationship but jenny never knew that that was not mike, she believed the text because the text was sent with Mike's number.
Four years later we returned back, mike came back for jenny but jenny keeps avoiding him, she told him to stay off from her that she have got a new lover. Mike nearly got mad to hear this, he tried to explain but no way, that is how Mike's first love clashed. With all this mike always got confuse in all he is doing because of losing his first lover. Shit* it really hurts.

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