Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Must Read: Looking For The True One, Part Two.

She arrived on the plane stretching her legs through while things about the kind man she wants in raising her heads, she met what she wants in raising her heads. She now met what she was searching for since near her back.  Wow... It happens so fast just like a magic.
Before she turns around just to see him, he said please ma can I have a way?
When she raised her head he saw what's going to search for in Ilorin. By hearing this it was as if he was casted with a spell, he just did as she said without wasting time.
He soon sat down and started starring at her uncountables, she was very glad and her mind baffled fast and said I HAVE MET THE TRUE ONE*** She soon soft speak in his ears
"Babe u looks cute"
The few words she made sent waves through his vains. He opened his mouth and closed like many without dropping a word Thanks, you looks cute too with good behavior.
And that his type of the material he was searching for in every lady he had seen. He now said where have you been, since I have been looking for the tire one and today am with you, it gonna be a wonderful day, I likes it.
They were now feeling for each other, any talks out can kill the tremor. He had admit himself once and for all.
I love you Babe, with a brief glance at her wish showed her face changed it made her look sexier. He was almost blaming himself for that speech when he whispers from her. I love you too, with pleasure he quickly turned and hugged her, you love me?
"Yeah I do,
"Wow.. That's great.
Exciting praise came from other passengers boarding that same flight. This is amusing one of the passengers said, they got to know much about their selves. They were served and they ate like couples.
All the light of the plane went off it shows the plane was about to crash, their hearts were beating like never before because they thought this  is their end of love. They both twisted their hands making things happening so fast. They both discussed well that he said  so this is how I met my heart desire. She just whispered "YOU ARE THE TRUE ONE" I been looking for. Let the love clash us together.

The END ....
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