Sunday, 11 June 2017

Must Read: Looking For The True One

He is a cute guy who owns a huge company, comfortably fancy & luxurious. He needs to come to rest with a partner and kids but hasn't get the right choice of his life. He had met many cute ladies in the clubs, many offices and even in the church but has either issues in there characters.
He for once sat and thought about leaving his most recently area to another could be the best option for him then he went in applied for a ticket traveling from Eket to Ilorin, he already had a hotel where he usually  behave in a condescending manner in business times in Ilorin.
Though he was very fearful of Ilorin because he couldn't take many things happening in Ilorin.
She's a cute up lady also her issue is mostly having a relationship to that of the cute man. She has two hosting company which she do employed workers for her company, all she just do is visiting from one company to another and also for monthly schedules.
She was a very very pretty astonishing lady with all the desire of men but she had never gotten a right partner. She also tought leaving the surroundings to another should be the best option.
She went boarding a ticket that same day from Eket to Ilorin, he was annoyed maybe he should wait for the right lady to come because the next day as at 8AM there flight was moving well he soon made up his mind. He took his phone went on social media announced to his friends in Ilorin.
It was 8AM before the next day when she had a fast meeting at one of the company which wanted to tell over to the next day but she quickly rushed to her room took her bath. She immediately rushed to her office, her appearance made everyone exclaimed.
She is just a free lady, a worker of hers ran to her.
Madam you looks cute today, she gave the worker a little smile replying back, *Thanks.
She made the worker if hers fall in love instantly. She quickly alighted to the general office where the meeting takes place. In time the gathering was done and she quickly went to her office sending there salaries to all of them with additional bonuses. Its unusual of her, she don't do that well she went straight to the Boss.
"You received an alert?
Yes ma!
Notify all the employees that am having my trip tomorrow morning.
She the went home and the massage was passed to all the employees. They both got to the airport as early as 6AM.

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