Wednesday, 19 July 2017

5 Common Fruits That Will Make Your Body Looks Fresh.

People do spend a lot of money this days buying some fake drugs in the name of they want to look younger and for their skin to aslo fresh. Worry no more, spend no more! With this post you will learn and know the exact fruits you are to take to nourish your body and make your skin look fresh as well. Check them out!


We all love to eat this fruit, its one of the healthiest fruit we can eat to help in our body. Its contains high fiber and Vitamin.C, and also they are low in calories. It have only a trace of sodium.


This is one of the fruit we don't easily take, when it comes to fruits that makes us look younger, avocado is one the third. It contains a lot of great source like Vitamin.C, Vitamin. E, Vitamin. K and Pyridoxine (vitamin.b6)


This pineapple can be used to prepare a delicious dish like Pizza, Salad, you can also use it to produce a pineapple juice. It contains high amount of Vitamin. C and Manganese.

                           GRAPE FRUIT

This is very effective in maintaining our skins and hairs, it makes our skin look healthy. It contains powerful antioxidant which is known as Polyphemus, these include endometrial, pharynx, prostate, colon and esophageal.


This is a light and watery fruit that contain a lot of Vitamins such as Vitamin. A, Vitamin. B6 and Vitamin C. It has a lot of amino acids, antioxidants and lycopenes as well.

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