Friday, 7 July 2017

See How Envy Is Secretly Killing Our Motivation All The Time...

We all know the meaning of envy, we know its one of the deadly disease that kills human being easily but what is it really? Its jealousy in itself, its a biting emotion that makes us feel bitter and even hateful to our brothers and sisters. Envy has to do with unhappy about someone's happiness and success, be it professional success or personal success. When you see others achievement you instantly start comparing them to yourself. For you to succeed in life, never you compare yourself to others because by doing so, you are hurting yourself seriously but you don't know.

Remember the saying, NO COMPETITION IN DESTINY. Interestingly envy helps us evolve as a species, its all about the competition and social comparison that forces us to self evaluation.

I have the story of two brothers which one one of them  have many wealths while the other one have nothing but still in his own side by healthy, you know health is wealth. So unfortunately as the first son, its his responsibility to take care of the family but because he don't have much to take care of his self talk more of taking care of the family. His brother decided to do so since he have the money, he build a beautiful house for his self and for his brother too but despite that his brother is not satisfied  with that because he know that he is one supposed to be giving his younger brother but now his younger brother is giving him. He was angry with his self and also angry for his brother, he do envy him.

One day he asked his self, how can my younger brother be taking care of me? He felt ashamed of that, he has nothing to do but to murder him and claim his wealthy. He visited native doctor to get charm and kill his brother but luckly for him on his way back there bus have a serious accident of which he is the only one who died in the fatal accident while others sustained injuries, that's how envyness slowly killed him.

Yes, we all are guilty of envying others but here is the fact, when you allow that feeling to permit all of your thoughts or emotions toward that individual or yourself, you lose sight of your own reality.

See, when you can only focus on what those other people are doing on their greener grass you  fail to realize yours only looks darker because you are standing under a rain cloud.
Stop envy from taking your life, you don't have to experience envy on such a negative level, there are ways to see things people are doing and view it as a motivator rather than a murderer.

Take a moment to reality how you react, when you see a close friend achieve something great, do you cringe because you are envious? Alternatively, if something bad happens to you like a job loss, do you commiserate with them or celebrate that your life is better than theirs.

Put yourself into thier shoes, I mean the people you envy, there is a saying that said, DON'T EVER ENVY SOMEONE WHO YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR MISSION. The idea of the saying is very simple, some may appear to have it all but behind closed doors they could be broken and struggling. Though you can never truly know what someone may be going through in secret, you can still try to imagine what it would be like to switch places with them. So if you were to become the person you envy.
imagine what it would be like to you, Good or Bad? Think about it.


  1. Nice post. ENVY is not good at all and it has health consequences if you make it an habit.