Monday, 17 July 2017

Simple Things To Do To Improve And Keep Your Relationship Longer And Stronger.

Relationship is the act of being in love with someone who you truly loved and care for. Its not all about sex, some people are understanding the word relationship in many ways but after much its still one meaning.


In many ways this days, relationships clashes the way people don't understand, so I intent to write this article on how partners are to improve and keep their relationships stronger and also last longer. For you to improve and keep your relationship stronger, follow this strategies.

1. COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER- communication in a relationship really matters a lot. Learn how to communicate with your partner, don't be always mute. It is the act of expressing your feelings to your partner. If you are in a relationship and you're not in the act of communicating with your partner, how do you expect your partner to know what's on your mind? So you really need it.

2. TRY TO BE HONEST TO YOUR PARTNER- Yeah! Its good to be honest, we all know that. Open up everything to him or her, don't lie because if you do, the day the truth will be out, only God knows what will happen. It might clash.

3. TRY TO BE ROMANTIC- Being romantic isn't only for celebration period like valentines period. Always show up the romantic expression every moment. Make things to be nice, like taking him or her out, go to studio to take some shots and also make a delicious dish. But bro if money no dey, abeg no go thief oo, no be must.

4. MAKE A SURPRISE- This is really excited, surprise! Making a surprise to your partner shows a 100percent love. It matters in a relationship because its the act of being loved and care. So please try to surprise her or him once a while.

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5. DON'T EASILY GET ANGRY- Anger is one of the most dangerous thing in life and in relationship. Being angry might lead you to do what you don't intend to do. It might create calamity in your life, so for your you to improve and keep your relationship stronger, try to control yourself about anger.

6. BEING JEALOUS- Jealousy is an emotion that critically kills our relationships this days. The moment you avoid jealousy in your relationship is the moment you set a step for your relationship to last longer.

7. BE TRUST WORTHY- Today, trust is one of the thing that easily kills our relationship, we don't trust each anymore and that is really bad. Mostly this problem come from the female partners, you met another lady with your man doesn't mean he is cheating on you. Trust him that he won't do such thing to you, don't easily suspect.

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8. LEARN TO APOLOGIZE- Learn to apologize whenever you offend your partner, don't always claim you are right, even though you're right just apologize for the peace to reign in that relationship.

9. TRY TO FORGIVE- Despite all our sins yet our lord Jesus Christ died for us, he forgives us whenever we ask for forgiveness. So what is that your partner will do you that you will not be able to forgive? So better learn to forgive.

10. SUPPORT EACH OTHER- In a relationship, supporting each other really helps us, don't only depend on him to be responsible for everything. Remember that all fingers are not equal, support each for your relationship to last longer.


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