Friday, 21 July 2017

Jealousy, The Emotion That Kills Our Relationships.

Jealousy is the emotion that kills our relationships this recent days, its just a combination of sadness, anger, and also envyness.
This jealousy of a thing might include anger about our former past or perceived betrayal and loneliness. It really spoils many things for us, not only relationships and beside by being jealous, it can cause you a lot of problems in life that have no cure.

In the scientific definition jealousy, it says that jealousy is an emotion and the typically refers to the thoughts and feelings of insecurities, fear, concern and anxiety over an anticipated loss of status or something of great personal value, particularly in reference to a human connection.

Let me illustrate it like this, for instance that master John is in serious relationship with miss Jenny, master John becomes jealous when he thinks that someone else is acting in a behavior that violate or breaks on his relationship with miss Jenny. You see why saying its an usual emotion.
Just imagine that a man wants to leave his lady for another lady, when the lady knows that her man want to divert to another lady, she will be jealous for that lady. Now with this, you will realize that this jealous is usually indeed.

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They are some purpose of an usual jealously, which are motivation to improve, motivation to resolve a problem and motivation of warning.

Motivation to improve: In this motivation, it tells us to look at issues carefully in any situation and also it may help us to become more aware of our own lack of self-confidence or fearfulness.

Motivation to resolve a problem: In this part of jealously it tells us that someone is dealing with us with hurtful acts, just for instance that a man went out with his lady, the lady will now be checking out other ladies and affectionate with them. As a human, her mind will be telling her that she is jealous of other ladies but if she examine the condition, she is the one to be hurt.

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Motivation of warning: Let me just say that another purpose of jealousy can warn us about capability to being loss. Throughout the history of human nature, its been as a logical result to develop sociable relationship so as for us to continue to live after another has gone. It makes sense that people would develop jealousy as a way of warning them to protect their wealth. As with many developmental attitudes, jealousy may not be as necessary for survival but it is still a thriving force within our social gatherings.

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