Monday, 24 July 2017

Love Of Money, The Love Of Evil.

Money seems to be everything to us this days but really not. Today, in this world if you don't have money, you haven't started a mission yet.
Some prefer to do everything for them to be in the list of worldly people but doing that is not the best alternative.

Its universally acknowledged that we all need money, many people need it for a living and many needs it to survive. Some people agrees that money is a good friend when we truly needs it for clearing debts and for other things.
However, many people think it is the evil among us and the evil that controls us. It must be said that money is not a bad thing and beside its not everything, there are some things money can buy and some things that money can't buy. How people makes it and how the money is used is what makes it evil.

Today in every part of the world, money is the ruler of everything, the way people makes money this days and the way their love it makes it the love of evil. Its quite alright that some people have clear thoughts about life, its clear as bold what money is mainly for. Kind people with good behaviors look at money as a friend because its the access by which their help with, while the wicked ones uses money to wicked those who is in need of it. Some people believe that money is the most important thing in the world and they would do all it takes them to make it, some makes it from ritual, kidnapping and arm rubbery just to make money in life.

In conclusion, we all need money for everything but when money controls us, our life gets out of control. Therefore our actions are what make money to be evil, it gives it the real meaning of money.

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