Thursday, 6 July 2017

Omawuni New Dress Code Blasts This Days

Omawumi Megbede is proudly a black woman. When you see Omawuni you would love to be an African lady, she knows how to dress, especially when she is in native attires.
She can't stop smiling and she is asking fans to tell her the reason for happiness. Don't tell us its all about her new album because that's not the reason.
The singer who just released her third studio album "Timeless" under new outfit label cabal entertainment is calling out labels who hold the opinion that once women got into marital home, they lose their relevance to reconsider.
Can you guess what am smiling about? She asked her fans, Aside from the part that Timeless album is out and everyone is just loving it.
She is smiling because of her native attire, check out the photos to see them.

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