Monday, 10 July 2017

See The Simple Way To Win A Lady's Heart..

In life it's difficult to see a lady to approach a man about relationship but you know the real fact? Some people sees it as an abomination for a lady to express her feelings to a guy but truly that does not matter in life because its a feeling, though I know that some ladies cares not.

Let me just say, nowadays for some guys to get a bae seems to be difficult because they don't know how to start and what to say.
There was a friend of mine who finds it difficult to approach a girl he been having feelings for but he don't know how to express his feelings to the bae. He met me as his fellow guy telling me about what he is facing, he told me that he has been having feelings for a girl but the truth is that he don't know how to approach the girl, she might embrass me and that is what I hate in life.

I smiled and told him, Nigga worry no more, I gonna tell you how to do that. Never you feel embrass or ashamed even though she do that in the public, keep coming till she finds something in you.

For you to win her heart, know the type of mood that she is in, if she is in a bad mood please stay away, just give her some chance but if she is in a happy mood, good to go.
Be gentle and come in a genuine way, whatever you say to her let it be what you have been thinking of her. Don't feel that you have to make something wrong. Find something that you genuinely like about her and tell her, go straight to the point. Don't stammer because if you do, hmmm I don't know what gonna happen. And beside the genuine things you are to tell her let it be about how she looks and how pretty she is, this includes admiring her dress, hair style and make-up as well. Just admire anything that is  physically appeared out in her.

Make things to be straight and direct, don't turn words around, I mean don't talk about what does not related to the issue. You know, some guys what immediately comes to their mind while approaching a girl is s3x and some dirty things, please never try such thinking if you really want to get her. The way some guys approach a bae, I guess before winning her heart another man have done so because you never head to the point, So for you to win her heart just head to the point, tell her how you feel for her. Open up and say what's on your mind.
After doing so, I guess she will give you a good feedback. Move on to another conversation, this can be something simple like seems pretty cool.

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