Friday, 7 July 2017

How Social Media's Friendship Get In Your Way To Real Relationship.


I got into social media many years ago but particularly I created my Facebook account 7years ago. At that time, I have many friend requests, I accepted many of them while I rejected many as well. But still, I had plenty of friends in my friend list. For the first time since creating my account, I logged in few weeks ago and deleted many of them.
Why? Because I didn't have a friendship with any of them. I love that social media allows us to be connected with people we care about no matter where we live. But I don't love the fake connection, it can sometimes create fake relationship.

Just because I know someone went on a family vacation last week doesn't mean I would have cared about it if I hadn't seen their pictures in my timeline. It felt good to purge my friend list of people I didn't truly have relationship  but then it got a little weird.

We know some people online while we don't know some, tell me if this sounds familiar. Your best friend has just cutting of the phone with you. Two of you chatted in depth about how torn she is about her relationship and that she may want to break up with her longtime boyfriend.
She us crying and its emotional and you know she is overwhelmed but when you hang up with her and check Facebook out of habit, you will see she just posted to a vacation the two of them took together. But it makes total sense! We portray the version of ourselves that we want people to see online. While I will say I had some social media friends clog my timeline with melodrama, for the most part its all sunshine and butterflies while you may know your best friend is actually checking her notification while crying her eyes out? The rest of her friend lists sees a girl who is head over heel is love..

Social media causes us to have this false feelings of intimacy and closeness with people that we actually know things about them. Scrolling through our friends list, we all think we know the person we are connected to online, but would that person call you if something happens to you? Would you be on the list of call log? If I was being honest, even with my new cleaned up friend list, the answer would be beware of  the false sense of intimacy.

Social Media wouldn't be half as fun, if we know every intimate details about the people on our friend lists. But it is important to know who you are actually connected with.

You follow many of the celebrities on social media because they are your favorite musicians or they were popular. Folli them on social media makes you to be connected with them.

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