Saturday, 1 July 2017

5 Ways You Are Making Your Life Difficult But You Don't Know.

At times we don't know what makes our lives difficult to live but with this reasons I guess you will know and also amend it.

You don't give back- One way to deal with loss is to immerse yourself in doing what is right. Get involved in life, it doesn't even have to be a huge structured thing. Say a kind of word that will encourage someone. Always pay visit to the lonely ones, get away from your self-absorption. When it comes down to it, there are types of people in this world that never gives and also people that only takes. Givers and Takers.

You permit others to steal from you- If you had a million in cash under your mattress, you would check it regularly and take precautions to insure it is safe. One possession that you have is more important than money is time but you don't do anything to protect it.

You always compare your life to others- Five years ago I was invited to a nice party at a big warehouse downtown, I really enjoyed the jazz Wires and Sandwiches. What more could a guy want? Later in the evening after the party, I noticed a steady parade of well-healed people slide past and disappear into another room. I quickly look and saw a huge party with pretty revelers dancing and carrying on like god of wine. Suddenly my gig wasn't as fun as it had been all because it didn't appear to measure up to the party next door. Believe in yourself.

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You can't and aslo won't let others go- These are getting a little harder aren't they? That's because sometimes you hasto work at gladness. Some hurdles are too hard to clear by simply adjusting your point of views or adopting a positive mindset.
Do you need yo pardon someone else?
Do you need to turn your back on them and fail relationship?
Life is full of lose and risk, in a real sense real happiness would not be possible without it. It really helps us to appreciate, it can also help us to help others grow. Closure is a word for humans who never really suffered. Just try to manage your loss. Put it in viewpoint, you will always have some regret and doubt about your loss.

You attributes to plans- Another driver cut you off, your friend never texted you back, your colleagues went to lunch without you. Everyone can find a reason to be offended on a steady basis. So what caused you to be offended? You assigned bad plans to these otherwise harmless actions. You took it as a personal insult, a slap in the face.

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