Thursday, 13 July 2017

These Are What You Don't Know About Your Partner That You Really Need To Know..

We are having relationship with people but there are some things we don't actually know about our partners.

Being Fearful:  You will probably know what your partner's likes and dislikes, if you really know who your partner is, you will know if he or she fears. Its quite common that we fear certain things such as poisonous animals and many things we challenge in life. We do talk about these fears without feeling to expose, but in life we do face many challenges that we supposed to be brave enough to face but due to fear we can't defeat or overcome them. In a relationship fear spoil things for us, these fears might rather be personal and typically related to an event that has left us with a physical scars. Beside while being fearful, we hide it away from our partners which is absolutely wrong, let your partner to know more about you.

Being addicted to something: Being addicted to something bad is another thing that some partner hides away for their partner. For instance, you are a man and you are addicted to smoking or you are addicted to gambling, you hide it for your partner because she hates it. What you need to ask yourself is, how long am I going to hide this, since you are addicted to what she hates and you know is wrong. The only two option you have is to choose either to open up for her or forfeit the relationship. Addiction is sly as hell, you might not know or understand but the right thing to do is to be real and honest source of lover.

How our partner really feel for each others family: You know there are some rules of behavior when families meet our partners for the first time. Though we do play nice for the first time but after then most side will continue to play kind and good while the other side never show their true attitude of feelings. Your partner might hide how he or she feels for your family for a period of time  but must be revealed on a very good day. Making families feeling discomfort might severally hurt your feelings or your partners feelings.

Knowing when he or she is in the right mood: In a relationship, knowing each others moods really matters to us, I said this because is one of the major problem that some people face in their relationships. We all are human beings but we don't feel the same way, the way you feel or act is not the way others do. Everybody have the way of living, that is why you really need yo know when he or she is in the right mood.

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