Wednesday, 12 July 2017

With This Write-Up, You Will Never Give Up In Life, Read!

Do you know that there are some things in life that you can't change or control? The choice you have is either to give up or to keep moving...

Life is just like a mission, its a journey to head to the destination. There are somethings in life that you strive hard to do but rather you fail, and when trying to get back up you also fail. If you try to get up many times and also failed many times.
Remember you will like to give up and when you give up, do you think you can get back up? The answer is capital NO. But if you try as much as you can and never give up, just keep trying because the more you try the more you get a chance to get back up.

In life we have a lot of chances of which we make use of some while we vanish the rest but I'm going to asure you that those chances you vanished might be the chances for getting back up. Keep trying and never give up, we can find our strength in GOD, he's always there for us, all you need to do is to involve him in anything you are doing, there's still hope for us when he is in control of us.

Whenever am alone, I do ask myself how am I going to make things in life, how am I going to achieve my goals, hope you do ask the same questions to yourself? Despite I know myself, I still ask who am I? I'm Mac.
Its just like when we are kids, in our primary level our teachers do ask us what's your name, you stand up and answer your name in full, including your sur name. After that, the teacher might ask, what do want to be in future, I really like this question because then I do say I want to be a Lawyer while others say they want to be a medical doctor, nurses, engineer and other occupations as well but after some of them ended up being what they don't want to be when they are little.

Some tried many times but failed, they have no any other choice but to give up. Am telling you in this article that giving up in life is not the best suggestion for you to do.
From the day we were born, its already been prepared for us what we are going to be in future, so in whatever you are doing in life, never give up because you don't know tomorrow. Opportunity comes but once, the chance you missed might be your opportunity to get up. Always believe in God and believe in yourself.

If you tried and failed, better keep on trying and if you keep trying and keep failing, pray harder to God, once there's life there's hope.

In this situation, you can't change change or control it but you have two options to choose, either to give up or keep going. Life is a journey and its must be accomplished.

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